Four Tips to Control Your Vegetation When it Rains

Posted on Nov 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Tips to Control Your Vegetation When it Rains | The Experienced GardenerIt might seem like it, but I promise you the headline is not a cruel joke. Despite our awful, interminable drought in California, it does still actually rain here. And as the calendar turns to fall and then winter, we’ll start to experience increasing amounts of moisture. That’s good news for the state – we need rain like the Kardashians need attention – but it creates a whole host of other problems for folks. Like driving. How do Californians somehow forget how to drive in the rain every year? They act like they’ve never seen a storm before, considering how reckless they are on the road…

But I’m not here to vent about terrible California drivers. No, I’m here to help you control your vegetation when it rains – and here are four tips to make it happen:

1. Remove Unwanted Vegetation Before the Rainy Season Begins

I know weeding the garden is a pain, but would you rather do it now or in two months, when the weeds have grown out of control? By nipping these problems in the bud early, you’ll be able to relax most of the winter; only spot clean-up should be necessary.

2. Don’t Assume Weeds Will Take Weeks to Grow

If you’ve ever planted a garden, you realize how long some plants take to grow and sprout – well, the same can’t be said for weeds. Some weeds can grow more than a few feet in just a matter of days, so if there’s been a downpour in the last week, you’d better check the lawn for unwanted growth.

3. Consider Using a Weed Killer

I’m not a huge fan of pesticides and chemicals, but they are sometimes necessary. If your vegetation problem is growing out of control and you don’t have the time to keep up with it, then consider some chemical backup. You can find weed killer at virtually any home improvement or “big box” store (i.e. Target).

4. Pull the Darn Weeds Out in the Rain

I know what you’re thinking: you want me to get soaking wet just to pull out some weeds? Well, for starters, you can wear a poncho and some rain boots to stay dry. But as for the weeds, this is actually the perfect time to pull them. When the soil is wet and soggy, the roots don’t have much to grasp onto. The result is weeds that can be pulled out with ease. Sure, your head might get a little wet, but your lawn will be looking fabulous.

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