Four Steps to an Effective Weed Control Plan

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Steps to an Effective Weed Control Plan | The Experienced GardenerOur partner company, as you can see in our website URL, is San Joaquin Pest Control. Based on the name, you can gather that this is an exterminator. But why don’t they use that term then? Why go with the slightly vaguer “pest control”?

Truthfully, it’s because you can never eliminate or exterminate all pests. Every acre of California land is crawling with thousands, or even millions of insects. Therefore, “pest control” is a more apt description. They’ll control the situation and limit pest access into your home. That’s what matters, after all – keeping them out!

We take a similar tact with weed control. Can we ever stop weed growth? Probably not. Wherever there are plants or grass, there will usually be weeds present to mess things up. But if you follow these four steps, you can develop an effective weed control plan:

Step 1: Keep the grass as healthy as possible

Maybe this isn’t so much a step as a general pre-warning. The stronger your lawn is, the easier it will be to avoid weeds. When your grass is healthy, it will take up more root space in the dirt – preventing weeds from taking it instead. A strong lawn is also more resistant to the creeping efforts of weeds.

Step 2: Mow often, and to the proper length

Every type of grass (yes, there are different types) should be mowed within a specific height range, for optimal growing. But it also aids in weed control. When you mow often, you will continuously cut off the bud heads of growing weeds. Doing that will stunt their growth, which allows your grass to continue flourishing in the meantime.

Step 3: Gardens should be separate

To avoid weeds in your garden, keep it away from the rest of the lawn. Either put in a planter of some type (perhaps wall off the garden with some bricks) or consider raising the garden bed. This will prevent weed creep from other parts of the yard, but they can still find a way in. If you spot weeds in your separated garden, just rip them right out – most will be isolated incidents.

Step 4: Consider utilizing weed killer

In some instance, weed killer is an effective, prudent choice. For instance, if there are weeds sprouting from cracks in the driveway, that’s a great spot for weed killer.

There are many types of weed killer available on the market, which can be purchased at any home improvement or big box store. However, you should always use this product cautiously: it is usually quite toxic, and there are certain restrictions on its use in some areas.

If you have doubts about using weed killer, you can always contact us. We’re weed control experts, and we’d love to help you out.

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