Four Signs Your Backyard Needs Lawn Care Services

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Signs Your Backyard Needs Lawn Care Services | The Experienced GardenerWe spend so much time worrying about our front yards that the backyard often gets forgotten. Unless you’ve got a dog or enjoy backyard barbecues, most people tend to ignore the backyard. After all, when was the last time you judged someone for having an ugly backyard, the same way you’d judge them for having a torn up front lawn? It just doesn’t happen.

So there’s a chance you’ll wander into that backyard this year and realize it needs some work. And if you’re a busy person, professional lawn care services can be quite helpful in this scenario.

How do you know if your backyard needs our help? Here are four signs to watch out for:

  • Trees Changing Color Out of Season

Guess what this means? It means something is very wrong with your trees or plants. If they’re turning yellow when they should be vibrantly green, that usually means disease of some kind. We can stop the spread, but only if we act quickly.

  • Holes Throughout the Lawn

This is indicative of lawn pests, such as gophers. They’ll definitely keep tearing up that lawn until you deal with them. Do you know how to handle lawn pests? It’s not exactly a pleasant solution. Contact us if you’d like someone else to handle it

  • The Grass Isn’t Green

I mean, this is obvious, isn’t it? The grass is supposed to be green. There are a variety of reasons it isn’t. Perhaps you over-fertilized or over-watered. Or maybe you didn’t water enough. Regardless, we can help restore it to natural health.

  • Nothing Grows the Way it Should

Do you ever seem to have this problem? You plant some vegetable expecting it come out healthy and ripe. Instead: you get some half-sized little buds that never bloom. What’s the big idea? It’s hard to know without being there/ It may be something simple, like planting at the wrong time of year; or your soil could be damaged. But rest assured, we can fix it. We’ve been providing lawn care services for decades, and we’ll find exactly what’s causing the growth problems.

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