Four Reasons Your Grass Isn't Growing

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Reasons Your Grass Isn't Growing | The Experienced GardenerToday we’re going to talk about literally the most boring thing imaginable: watching grass grow. That’s what people always say when they’re bored, right? That it’s “like watching grass grow?”

Of course, they’re referring to actually sitting in one spot and watching the grass, which we’re not advising. That is actually quite boring. But if you’ve been keeping an eye on your lawn and have noticed that growth is stalled, then something is probably amiss. What’s the cause of your lawn care struggles? Hard to say without being there. If you’d like some direct assistance with your lawn troubles, I encourage you to contact us. We help residential clients with landscape issues every day, and would be happy to do the same for you.

But if you’re the self-reliant type, then read on. We’ll discuss four possible reasons your grass won’t grow:

1. You Didn’t Fertilize Enough

Unfortunately, it usually takes a little more than sunlight, air and water to help grass grow these days. It’s vital that you fertilize, especially in drought-ridden California. Even though we’ve had rain, don’t expect the drought to be officially “over” anytime soon. We may still have watering restrictions in 2016, so fertilizing is critical. Your lawn needs all the help it can get.

2. You Haven’t Pulled the Weeds

I know pulling weeds is a chore you haven’t wanted to do since childhood, but there’s a reason your parents made you do it. Weeds are not only ugly, they compete with the grass for soil space and sunlight. And if you let the weeds grow too large, they’re going to overwhelm the grass altogether. So break out the weed killer or grab some gloves and start pulling.

3. You’re Not Aerating

Your lawn might need a little help in the growth department, which is where aeration comes in. This is essentially punching a bunch of holes in your lawn, which seems simple but is very helpful. These holes will give the grass roots direct access to water, fertilizer, oxygen and sunlight. All of those things will help your grass grow stronger and lusher.

4. You Haven’t Protected the Lawn

A little known key to a strong landscape is to protect it during the winter. When the sunlight is low and plants are dying out, your grass is in weak shape. That’s why it’s imperative you don’t step on it – you could easily damage the grass during this time. Additionally, don’t allow things like piles of leaves to cover it. That could block much-needed sunlight.

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