Four Reasons Why Insects May Be Infesting Your Garden

Posted on Dec 15, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Reasons Why Insects May Be Infesting Your Garden | The Experienced GardenerDestructive insects can cause major damage to your garden. These bugs can chew holes in the leaves of your plants and even kill the plants off by feeding on the roots. If you want to effectively keep harmful insects out of your garden the first step is to determine why you have a pest problem in the first place. Knowing the reasons why you have and insect infestation can help you determine the appropriate course of action. Below are four common reasons why insects may be infesting your garden.

  • You’re killing off beneficial bugs.

You may be surprised to learn that not all bugs in your garden are bad. There are several types of bugs that are beneficial and can help you control the destructive pests that infest your garden. If you are not careful you can kill off the beneficial bugs when you try to kill off the harmful bugs. Killing of the beneficial bugs in your garden can leave it more susceptible to attack by destructive pests. Before you take the step of spraying your garden try and identify what type of bugs are causing you problems. Knowing the specific pests that are causing damage to your garden may help you target the treatment so you do not kill off the beneficial bugs.

  • You do not have any insect repellant plants.

One way to keep certain types of pests out of your garden is to include insect repellant plants throughout. If you do not have any insect repellant plants in your garden then you are increasing the likelihood that you will develop an infestation. There are insect repellant plants for all types of gardens. There are herbs that you can plant among your vegetables and ornamental flowers that will help protect your flower beds from intruders. Some examples of insect repellant plants are: Petunias, Marigolds, Lavender, and Rosemary.

  • You are over watering your garden.

Bugs require water to live and they are attracted to places where they can access water. Your plants also need water to live so there is no way to completely avoid having water for bugs in your garden. But, over watering can lead to a larger bug problem in your garden. There are some bugs that are attracted to standing water. If you over water your garden and leave puddles throughout it will increase the likelihood of these bugs taking up residence. Another problem with over watering is that it can lead to disease in your plants and your lawn.

  • You are providing bugs with a cozy place to live.

You may be unintentionally providing bugs with a place to live in and around your garden. Oftentimes bugs look for a dark moist place to make their homes. Dead leaves, rotting wood, and piles of debris can all be used by bugs as shelter. If any of these things are near your garden you may be providing the bugs with just what they need. Clean up any debris that is in or around your garden to encourage the destructive bugs to go elsewhere.

Recognizing these possible reasons for insect infestations and taking appropriate action will go a long way toward keeping pests out of your garden. If you have addressed all of these issues but are still having trouble with insect infestations you may need to call in professional help to eradicate the destructive pests from your garden.

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