Four Reasons Weeds Often Invade Your Grass

Posted on Jun 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Reasons Weeds Often Invade Your Grass | The Experienced GardenerFew things in this world are as universally despised as weeds. Have you ever met a person who enjoyed them? Or even tolerated them? Doubtful. Because weeds are worthless. They’re ugly plants that grow too fast and take precious soil real estate from our grass. You know, the green stuff you actually want in front of your house.

If you find yourself dealing with weeds on a consistent basis, something is amiss. You’re doing something wrong, or you’re failing to notice the source of your weed problems. That’s why we’re here to discuss four possible reasons your grass keeps getting invaded by weeds:

You’re not cutting the lawn the appropriate length

Did you know there’s an appropriate length for every lawn, based on grass type? It’s true. You can find a nice list here, but basically this will help your lawn grow more productively. And it also helps limit weeds! You cut weeds when you mow, which keeps them short, and also prevents them from overshadowing your blades of grass.

You’re not using any weed killer

You don’t have to use chemicals to keep your lawn healthy, but it is the fastest and easiest method of eradicating weeds. If you don’t mind a little toxicity, this is the simplest solution to your weed problems.

Your grass is unhealthy

One of the best ways to fight weeds is with a healthy lawn. If the grass is busy soaking up all the nutrients and dominating the soil, weeds will have a harder time finding a spot to grow. So naturally, an unhealthy lawn will be patchy – which means plenty of spots for weeds.

You’re watering too frequently

How often should you water the grass? Nightly? Every other day? It might shock you to learn that the correct answer is weekly. You should water the lawn sparingly and deeply, to ensure the water gets all the way down to the roots. And then, don’t water again for a week. Your grass doesn’t need much more H20 than that, and it will prevent the weeds from taking excess water for themselves.

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