Four Outside Tasks to Complete this Winter

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Outside Tasks to Complete this Winter | The Experienced Gardener

The winter does not have to slow you down when it comes to getting outside tasks completed (unless of course you want it to slow you down). There are plenty of tasks you can do in the winter that have implications for your spring lawn and garden. If you have a growing project in mind, you can start by building raised beds for your spring garden. Other worthwhile outside tasks you can complete this winter include cleaning out your flowerbeds, nurturing your trees, and clearing out the gutters.

Build raised garden beds

If you want to plant a raised garden in the spring you can start on the project now. This is a very doable project but it does take some forethought. You can find free plans online for building raised garden beds or go with a pre-fabricated option that you simply put together. Getting the beds built during the winter will allow you to get straight to planting once the weather warms up.

Clean out your flowerbeds

You may not have a lot growing in your flowerbeds this winter. Perhaps the main attraction currently in your flowerbed is the dead remains of the plants you had there in the spring. As with the raised garden beds, you can do this project to prep for the spring. If the winters in your area are mild you may be able to find some native plants to brighten up your dead flowerbed. Whether you add plants or simply clean it out, anything is better than a flowerbed full of last season’s dead plants.

Nurture your trees

Winter is primetime for tree care. You can have a professional come and give your trees systemic injections. This will get nutrients directly to the areas where the tree needs them most. You can also trim back your trees during the winter. Get rid of dying or diseased branches and deal with potential overgrowth to protect the health of the tree and the safety of your family.

Clear the gutters

Clearing the gutters from the leaves that built up in the fall can impact your yard and flowerbeds. Often the downspouts of gutters are placed strategically in an effort to avoid water damage to your flowerbeds and your lawn. If you allow the gutters to get too full the redirection of the water will no longer be effective. This can cause damage to both your flowerbed and your lawn. Simply cleaning out your gutters this winter will keep the spring showers from doing harm.

If you are itching to do some projects in the yard there is no reason to wait until spring. You have plenty of options for outside projects. And, if you look around your yard, you can likely find even more projects not mentioned here that can be done this winter.  

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