Four Most Popular Vegetables To Grow Yourself

Posted on May 17, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Four Most Popular Vegetables To Grow Yourself | The Experienced GardenerYou know what’s a phenomenal hobby? Gardening. No, seriously. It might seem awfully convenient for a business called “The Experienced Gardener” to be advocating the hobby of gardening, but that really doesn’t help us. Just because you have a garden doesn’t mean you’re going to hire us to provide residential lawn-care services (although we’d love to!).

But just look at how popular gardening has become in America: it’s now considered the No. 1 hobby here, as even Millennials are taking an interest. And it’s easy to see why. Many people find gardening relaxing, even therapeutic. Or perhaps you just want that sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing seeds grow into plants. And others will use gardening as a way of acquiring organic vegetables, free from GMOs or possible pesticides.

Well today, we want to speak specifically to that last group. Because we’re going to share four of the most popular vegetables to grow yourself:

  • Sweet Corn

Who doesn’t like a nice ear of corn? They can be delicious when prepared properly, but perfectly ripe sweet corn is also yummy straight off the plant. These plants grow pretty tall though (5-10 ft), so they’re not for every garden. Pro tip: put ripe corn directly into boiling water, right from the garden, to preserve sweetness.

  • Sliced Tomatoes

Better Homes and Garden calls these a “Top 10 Must Grow” plant on its website, due to the fact their resistant to disease and grow pretty large. These are available in red, green and orange varieties. The site recommends ordering these from a local plant nursery or mail order source.

  • Green Beans

What’s so great about green beans? Nothing if you ask a kid, but adults know the value of eating greens. This plant (also referred to as Bush Beans) provides copious amounts of vitamins (A, C and K to be exact) and other nutrients, which makes them ideal as a vegetable on your dinner plate.

  • Carrots

These vegetables are also very nutritious for you, but that’s not why they’re on this list. Carrots are perennials, which means they will last for multiple years – saving you from constantly replanting. Plus, you can eat them raw or cooked, which makes them a convenient (and fast) food source.

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