3 Things to Know About Your Lawn as the Temperature Increases

Posted on May 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

3 Things to Know About Your Lawn as the Temperature Increases | The Experienced GardenerDid you miss summer? I bet you’re not missing it much anymore; not after the sweltering April we just had. Sure, the month started slow, but Mother Nature made up for lost time. Triple digit weather will be the norm soon enough. Hooray?

But while you’re worrying about vacation plans and air conditioning, we’re thinking about grass. Namely, how this scorching heat is going to damage so many beautiful lawns in the coming months. Will yours be one of them?

We’d hate to see that happen, so allow us to help. Here are five things to know about your lawn as the temperature increases:

1. Don’t Tread On It

The 100-degree heat is murder on the lawn, which will make it more brittle and weak as the summer progresses. And if you’re constantly traipsing all over that lawn, you’re going to aid the destruction. Try to stay off the grass as much as possible, especially when it’s really hot.

2. Kill Those Weeds

This is probably the worst time for weeds, because nutrients are scarce and the conditions are unforgiving. Basically, your grass needs all the help it can get. But weeds will take away soil space, sunlight and sustenance from your grass. Eliminate them to eliminate the headache.

3. Be Mindful Of Pests and Diseases

Lawns that are weakened are more susceptible to these problems, so stay vigilant. Consider using some fungicide on your lawn and plants, to prevent fungal diseases. And if you spot grass or plants that are dying inexplicably, contact us immediately. That is likely a sign of disease, and although we can stop the spread, we must act quickly.

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