Fall Lawn Care Tasks You Should Invest Your Time In

Posted on Oct 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Fall Lawn Care Tasks You Should Invest Your Time In | The Experienced GardenerThe spring and summer are known by homeowners as the prime yardwork seasons. The grass and flowers are growing quickly and need seemingly constant attention. The fall marks the beginning of a reduction in lawn care tasks and many homeowners look forward to the break. You will soon find that you have to mow less often and will eventually get an extended break from the chore. There are, however, a few lawn care tasks you should still invest your time in during the fall. These fall lawn care tasks will help prepare your yard for the coming changes in the weather and put it on track to be at the peak of health in the spring.


Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of dirt throughout your yard. Removing the plugs of dirt allows water, air, and nutrition to get directly to the roots of the grass. If your grass has become compacted this process will help loosen things up and allow for better growth of your grass. The fall is a good time to do this because many types of grass move into dormancy during the winter. Aeration, coupled with the next step, fertilization, can boost the health of your yard as the winter approaches.


Fertilization provides your lawn with a boost of nutrition which makes it a worthwhile lawn care task for the fall. After you aerate your yard you can apply fertilizer and get the nutrition directly to the root system of your grass. This will strengthen your yard now and help keep it strong through the winter. This task can maximize your chances of having a healthy lawn once the spring arrives.

Pest protection

Pests are still a threat to your lawn in the fall. Pests that eat away at the roots and blades of your grass may slow down soon. However, some types of burrowing pests are just getting started in the fall and can cause a lot of damage to your lawn. The most effective way to protect your lawn from pests this fall is to bring in professional help. A lawn and pest control pro can help you prevent damage to your yard from a wide range of pests.

You may be ready for a break from constant lawn care tasks but there are a few that you should consider investing your time in this fall. Aeration, fertilization, and pest protection are three lawn care tasks that help you proactively protect the health of your lawn. Investing your time in these tasks during the fall can have a big impact on how your yard looks once the spring arrives. If you need help with these or other lawn care tasks, give the pros at The Experienced Gardener a call.

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