Essential Lawn Care Tasks to Keep Up with this Summer

Posted on Aug 27, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Essential Lawn Care Tasks to Keep Up with this SummerYour lawn and garden require a lot of attention during the summer. Almost everything is still actively growing and in need of maintenance. It is natural to want a break from constant yardwork but there are a few essential lawn care tasks you need to keep up with this summer in order to protect the health of your lawn. These tasks include mowing, weed control, aeration and fertilization, and pest control.


Take a drive through any neighborhood on a Saturday during the summer and you will likely hear the sound of lawn mowers. Grass can grow quickly during the summer and requires what can seem like constant mowing. Mowing properly is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy. If you cut the grass too short it can damage the root systems and kill the grass. If you wait too long between mowing you put your yard at risk from pests, weeds, and disease which can all invade the overgrown grass unnoticed. A regular and consistent mowing routine will help keep your yard healthy and looking good.

Weed control

The only thing that grows faster than grass during the summer is weeds. Homeowners are engaged in a constant battle with weeds all summer long. Weed control is an essential lawn care task if you want to keep you yard looking good and protect your grass. Weeds can steal nutrition from nearby grass and even crowd out new grass that is trying to grow. If you want to get and keep the weeds in your yard under control this summer, one of the most effective options is chemical weed control.

Aeration and fertilization

Aeration and fertilization are lawn care tasks that are designed to improve the health of your yard. Aeration removes plugs of dirt from your yard and opens up the root systems. Fertilizing the lawn immediately after aeration provides a dose of nutrition directly to the root system of the grass. These two tasks in conjunction with one another are essential tasks to keep up with this summer. They can help improve the health of your yard and ultimately make it less vulnerable to other threats.

Pest control

Pests are a serious threat to the health of your lawn during the summer. They can eat away blades of grass, feast on the root systems, and burrow through the yard leaving behind serious destruction. The only way to keep your yard pest free throughout the summer is to invest in consistent pest control. You can do your own pest control or hire professional help. Either way, you need to eradicate any current pests that are in your yard and defend against their return throughout the summer.

If you keep up with these essential lawn care tasks throughout the summer your yard has a good chance of surviving all the threats that are present this time of year. You can get professional help with any or all of the lawn care tasks mentioned above. Investing in professional help is a way to make sure the lawn care tasks are completed consistently without spending all of your weekends doing yardwork.

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