Don't Make These Lawn Care Mistakes

Posted on Apr 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Don't Make These Lawn Care Mistakes | The Experienced GardenerKeeping a nice lawn is one of the best things you can do for your house. It’s one of the essential keys to making the front of your house look its best. Just think back to any time you’ve admired a house, aesthetically. It almost certainly had a nice lawn. Even if you prefer to keep the outside of your home fairly simple or minimalistic, a nice lawn is simply a must. From the perspective of someone who has never cared for their lawn, this might seem like something that takes little to no effort. That’s not necessarily true.  Although caring for a lawn isn’t usually back-breaking laborious work, it does require special attention and care. There are a few ways of going about caring for your lawn, but they all involve avoiding certain pitfalls. Here are the main mistakes that can be made in lawn care, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself.

Too Much/Not Enough Water

Grass is pretty low maintenance compared to other plants, but the one thing it absolutely needs is the right amount of water. A lawn that isn’t getting enough water is pretty easy to identify: the blades in your lawn turn brown and look dry. A lawn that is getting too much water can contract mold and generally look soft and droopy. How much water your lawn needs depends on your location and the direction it faces. Check our blog article about it to find out exactly how much water your lawn needs.

Applying Too Much Pressure

Lawns are a great place for family activities, but if you want to keep your front lawn pristine, be sure to pick up after your family when you’re through. Leaving toys, chairs, or other items sitting on a lawn for an extended period of time can be damaging to the lawn. Pressing down on the grass compacts the soil below and makes it harder for the grass’ roots to continue growing, or get the nutrients it needs.

Cutting Too Much/Too Little

The perfect length of your lawn will ultimately come down to your preference. Some people like a very short cropped lawn, and some prefer it to look a little less structured, so they let it grow a fraction of an inch more. Just keep in mind that if you cut your grass too often, it can make the blades brittle. On the other hand, leaving it too long can provide shelter for pests, who can do damage to your lawn and other parts of your garden. 

If you like the look of a perfect lawn, and envy your neighbors who have one, but all of this lawn care stuff sounds way too complicated to fit into your schedule, you can always call a professional. Landscaping experts have a ton of experience with lawns, and will be able to tell you just by looking what your lawn needs in order to look its best. Contact one today and ask about how often you should schedule lawn care services.

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