Do I Need To Worry About My Trees Becoming Diseased?

Posted on Dec 8, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Do I Need To Worry About My Trees Becoming Diseased? | The Experienced Gardener

Our partner company is San Joaquin Pest Control, and I like to pop over to their blog sometimes to learn about pest control. And one thing I picked up quickly is how vigilant you must be in order to prevent pest issues. Did you know you can bring home bed bugs just by setting your purse down on an airport seating area? It’s true. That’s how effortlessly you can introduce pests into your home.

Unfortunately, pest problems are not isolated to houses. There are many pests that can affect your trees and other plant life, and nothing will kill a tree faster than a parasite.

So I need to worry about my trees becoming diseased?

I’m afraid so. If you don’t, then you could quickly find one of your trees overrun with pests. The real problem isn’t the pest’s presence, though; it’s the fact that these pests carry disease and damage plant life. Similarly, trees commonly fall victim to fungus, which can spread all over and kill the tree from the inside.

That sounds terrible. How do I avoid it?

Prevention is always the first step. It won’t stop any current problems, but it will prevent future ones. You should apply a fungicide on all trees, in order to safeguard them from rogue fungi.

What should I do if a tree becomes diseased?

Remove it immediately. Tree roots spread out far, and if they come into contact with other roots, the disease can easily pass to a new plant. Additionally, trees often hide their disease symptoms, so there’s no way to tell exactly how long the tree has been suffering. The disease could be very advanced by the time you discover it.

Any final tips?

Do you best to keep the tree free from insects, either by spraying it with a pressure washer or by using pesticides. Certain insects, like whiteflies, can infect the tree directly, while others will merely damage it.

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