Do Businesses Need Lawn Care Services More Often Than Houses?

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Do Businesses Need Lawn Care Services More Often Than Houses? | The Experienced GardenerLawn care services are an important part of keeping the landscaping of your businesses looking good. Taking care of the landscape of your business is a task you may have been doing yourself up to this point. But, there is a time when keeping up with all the exterior chores at your office on your own stops making sense. If you are at a place where you are thinking about getting help with the landscape of your business, you may have some questions. Keep reading for the answers to three of the most common questions that business owners have when considering commercial lawn care services.   

What types of lawn care services do businesses need?

You can work with a professional lawn care service to create a customized plan to meet the lawn care needs of your business. Some of the typical service needs of businesses include weed control, pest control, and disease control. In addition, you can get help caring for your trees and shrubs through services like deep root feedings and tree growth management. A full service lawn care company can help you with all aspects of your business’s lawn care needs. 

Why should businesses get lawn care services?

There are two main reasons you should get lawn care services for your business. First, you need to spend your time and energy on the aspects of the business that only you can handle. Working on the landscape of your business can become a time consuming task. If it develops problems you may find yourself spending more time and money on the landscaping than you ever intended. Setting up regularly scheduled services with a lawn care company will help prevent issues from getting out of control and unexpected costs. The second reason you should have lawn care services for your business is because the landscaping of your business can have an impact on your success. The way the exterior of your business looks leaves an impression on everyone who drives by. It is important to keep things looking good and healthy in order to leave the right impression on current and potential customers. 

Do businesses need lawn care services more often than houses?

The answer to this question depends on the complexity of the landscape. If all you have is grass and a few trees then your lawn care needs may be straight forward-whether it is for your home or your business. But, if you have a landscape design for your business that is more complicated then you will need lawn care services more often. Regular weed and pest control is important for flowerbeds and large areas of grass. This will keep these problems from getting out of control to the point of impacting the aesthetics of the landscape. Disease control is important for all the areas of your landscape including the lawn, trees, shrubs, and other plants.

The best way to determine the frequency and types of lawn care services your business needs is by setting up a time to meet with a lawn care professional. They can come out to your business and determine what types of services you need on a regular basis. Once you have a quote and an understanding of what you need you can work with the lawn care professional to set up a schedule that works for you.   

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