Common Signs of Vole Damage in Your Yard

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Common Signs of Vole Damage in Your Yard | The Experienced GardenerEstablishing and maintaining a beautiful yard can take up a lot of your time and money. But, it is worth the effort because a nice lawn adds to the curb appeal of your home and is much more enjoyable than a dead or dying yard. When you work hard to keep your lawn nice it is extremely frustrating to find that you have a burrowing pest in your yard wreaking havoc. The first step in getting rid of these critters is to determine what type of pest is causing the damage. One of the most destructive lawn pests is the vole. It is often lumped together with moles and gophers but the common signs of vole damage are much different than the other pests. You can determine if the damage in your yard was created by voles by looking at how they travel and what they eat.

Damage created by voles

The type of damage voles do to your yard is unique so you should not have an issue differentiating it from mole and gopher damage. Voles create a system of tunnels that help them travel through your yard in search of food. From your perspective, the tunnels will look like crevices or cracks in the surface of your lawn. You will also notice holes throughout your yard if you have voles. They create golf ball sized holes where they enter/exit the tunnels. The combination of the vole runs and holes can cause your yard to look bad and be difficult to navigate on foot.

Food that attracts voles

Voles are looking for vegetation to eat in your yard which includes the roots of grass, roots of plants, and bulbs. They will also chew on the base of young trees. If you have a significant vole problem it can lead to your entire lawn and garden dying off. Voles have a short life span but they reproduce quickly so a slight problem can turn into a major issue in no time.

Options for dealing with a vole problem

Since voles are attracted to the very things that make your yard a yard-grass, plants, and trees- there is not much you can to prevent them 100%. But, you can take some steps to protect your lawn. If you have young trees or a garden you can protect your plants with wire mesh that deters the voles from continuing to dig. In addition, you can add things to the soil under your garden-such as gravel-to make it more difficult for voles to dig through. Once you have a vole problem you can attempt to deal with them by setting out traps and bait. If you do not have the time or expertise to trap the voles on your own you can always employ the services of a professional lawn care company and leave it up to the experts.

Ignoring a vole problem in your yard will lead to more and more damage as they reproduce and cover more ground. Once you notice the first tunnel or damaged tree you should take action so a small, albeit annoying issue, does not turn into a major problem for you and your yard.New Call-to-action

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