Caring for Your Shrubs Through the Spring and Summer

Posted on Jun 8, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Caring for Your Shrubs Through the Spring and Summer | The Experienced GardenerEach element of your yard has unique needs. The needs of your grass are much different than the needs of the trees in your yard. And, each of those elements have varying needs depending on the time of year. In order to get the landscape that you want, you must provide the specific type of care that each unique element requires. Shrubs are a part of your landscape that need a specific type of care. Keep reading to learn about caring for your shrubs through the spring and summer. 

Why does shrub care matter?

Shrub care matters because shrubs are a foundational part of your landscaping. Step back and look at the layout of your yard. If you have a typical design, shrubs are used as foundational plants throughout your flowerbeds. They may also be used to create living fences or barriers. Now, imagine that those shrubs were suddenly gone. How does your yard look now? Your yard will most likely look like it is empty or ‘missing something’ if the shrubs go away. Shrub care matters because of the significant role that shrubs can play to the overall esthetic of your yard. 

What can threaten the health of shrubs?

Shrubs can be robust plants that do not need a lot of attention. However, there are some things that can threaten the health of the shrubs in your yard. Two of the biggest threats to your shrubs are pests and disease. Pests can eat away at the leaves and damage the roots of your shrubs. This can cause the shrubs to look bad and potentially threaten their health. Disease can also impact both the look and health of your shrubs. Disease can make the leaves discolored and harm the health of your shrubs from the inside out. In order to properly care for your shrubs, you need to protect them from the threats of pests and disease.

Who can help with shrub care?

There are some lawn care companies that offer shrub care services. It is important to explore the services that a company offers to ensure that your shrubs will get the care they need. You need to find a lawn care company that will provide chemical pest and disease protection for your shrubs. In Visalia and surrounding areas, The Experienced Gardener offers professional shrub care services (and many other types of services) to homeowners and business owners.

Shrub care should be included in your overall lawncare plan. Neglecting your shrubs can lead to damage and potentially death of the plants. Then you will be left trying to fill in the gap that the shrub left behind. You can avoid losing your shrubs to threats like pests and disease by being proactive and bringing in professional help.

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