Caring For A Flower Garden: 3 Tips

Posted on Aug 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Caring For A Flower Garden: 3 Tips | The Experienced Gardener

Flowers are some of the most beautiful elements of nature. From towering, yellow sunflowers to tiny white baby’s breath blossoms, it makes complete sense that millions of people put effort into their garden so that they can bring some of that beauty into their space.

If you’re thinking about starting a flower garden this year, you definitely won’t regret it. Putting work into fragile little blossoms that become lovely, colorful arrangements can be incredibly gratifying. However, keep in mind that flower gardens take dedication and patience. You’ll need to be consistent about providing your garden with the things that it needs if you expect to see a full, bright garden this spring.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind in order to keep your flower garden healthy.

Keep Your Garden Separated

One thing you’ll need to do is keep your lawn separated from your flower garden, in order to protect it. It’s especially important to keep disease away from your garden. Raising a flower bed above ground level can be a great way to do that. This will help keep any pests or weeds that are in your grass from reaching your garden. Another good idea is to cover your garden’s dirt with a little bit of bark or some other barrier material.

Be Careful Not To Overwater

Water is one of the most important elements of taking care of a garden. However, it’s important that you’re careful with how much water you use when watering your garden. It’s actually pretty common to overwater plants, especially flowers. Giving your plants too much water doesn’t help, it can actually add stress to the plants, making it more vulnerable to diseases. Water the correct amount for the types of flowers you have, and do it in the morning. Watering in the morning gives your garden enough time to soak it up, and dries up the excess when the sun comes out in the afternoon.

Pick The Right Flowers

When looking for flowers to plant, go somewhere that specializes in flowers, like a nursery. This gives you a much wider variety to choose from, and also gives you access to knowledgeable staff that can make recommendations. Ask the employee to point out some disease resistant flowers. This will help any new gardener’s chances of producing a successful garden.

Of course, it’s also important to pick the right flowers to achieve the look you’re going for. Try not to use too many similar looking flowers. Mix up the colors and you’ll end up with a bright, beautiful garden.

If you need help with your garden, whether you’re in the designing stage, or you’re already caring for a garden you’ve planted, a professional gardener can help. Ideally, if this is your first time, you should hire a landscaper to help you plan and design your garden before you purchase anything. This will help avoid mistakes in choosing the correct plants or not nurturing their growth correctly. Call your local landscaping company to discuss what they can do for you and your yard.

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