Can Rodents Ruin Your Landscape?

Posted on Nov 29, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Can Rodents Ruin Your Landscape? | The Experienced GardenerThere are many steps to growing and maintaining a healthy yard. You may do things like aerate, water, fertilize, and regularly mow your yard. All of these steps make your yard more likely to be healthy and lush. But, there are other threats to your yard that can ruin your landscape. If you have noticed holes, bare spots in your grass, mounds of dirt, or tunnels in the ground it may be a sign that you have a rodent problem. There are both burrowing and digging rodents that can cause damage and ultimately ruin your landscape.

  • Burrowing rodents

Burrowing rodents include moles, voles, and gophers. These rodents are often described interchangeably but they have distinct differences. Moles are the pests that leave the dreaded mounds of dirt all over your yard. These rodents burrow just below the surface of the ground. The mounds of dirt they create are unsightly and very noticeable. Moles travel underground in search for worms and grubs to eat. They do not feed off of the roots of the grass and plants but they can cause damage as they travel through. Voles also burrow under the ground but they do not leave the same mounds of dirt that moles leave. The tunnels they create can cause the ground to be soft. Voles create damage to your yard by killing your grass. Voles eat the roots and kill your lawn from below resulting in bare spots. Gophers burrow underground and feed off of plants and vegetables. They can cause problems for your flower beds and your vegetable garden.

  • Digging rodents

Burrowing rodents are not the only type of rodents that can ruin your landscape. There are digging rodents that can cause problems as well. Critters such as skunks and raccoons can dig holes in your yard and kill patches of grass. They come out at night and dig to find food such as grubs and other insects. One of the main concerns with this type of rodent is that they will damage or dig up plants in your garden as they search for food. In addition, these rodents can kill off parts of your grass by digging it up from the roots. The damage these rodents can cause to your yard is not as noticeable as that from burrowing rodents but they still cause damage to all of your hard work.

The threat of a rodent infestation in your yard is very real. They can quickly cause a large amount of unsightly damage to your yard. Rodents can be very difficult to eradicate from your yard. If you see signs of rodents in your yard, call in professional help. A professional will have the knowledge and resources necessary to help save your yard from rodent damage.

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