Can I Start Working Toward A Healthy Spring Lawn During The Winter?

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Can I Start Working Toward A Healthy Spring Lawn During The Winter? | The Experienced GardenerFor homeowners, the cooler weather brings along several changes to the typical lawn care duties. Instead of spending your weekends mowing you may be spending your time raking leaves. Once all the leaves are gone you may find yourself without many chores that involve the lawn. Your regular lawn duties may decrease during the winter but there are a number of steps you can take during this time of year to work toward a healthy spring lawn. You can start by spending some of your time throughout the winter learning and making a plan to develop a healthy lawn. This will allow you to line up the tools, products, and professional help you need to get your lawn off to a great start. There are also some action steps you can take during the winter to maximize the wellbeing of your spring lawn. These include cleaning things up around your yard, working on vegetation control, and getting systemic tree injections.

Clean things up

The fall and winter are great times of the year to give your yard a good cleaning. Many of the trees have shed their leaves and most of the vegetation has gone dormant. These changes will allow you to see the areas around your yard that need attention. In addition, cleaning up dead vegetation and broken limbs will give you a clean slate in the spring so you can properly feed and care for your lawn.

Work on vegetation control

Many types of plants go dormant during the winter months. Dormancy simply means that the plants take a rest from growing. This is great news for homeowners who have any type of vegetation control issues. If you have weeds that have overtaken your lawn dormancy gives you an opportunity to deal with the root of your weed issues. In addition, the ideal time to transplant or trim back a variety of plants and trees is while they are dormant. When you work on vegetation control during the winter you can minimize issues with your spring lawn. You can get professional help with vegetation control if you have a serious problem. Or, if you simply do not know what to do to protect your spring lawn from damaging vegetation, you can get professional help. The major benefit of working with a professional on vegetation control is that they will have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Get systemic tree injections

It is easy to ignore the health of the trees in your yard because disease or damage can take a long time to show outward evidence. But, when you do start to see issues with your trees, the solutions can be expensive and complicated. The best defense against developing devastating problems with the trees in your yard is to get systemic tree injections. These injections can provide your trees with crucial protection against threats to their health. The winter is a great time to do systemic tree injections because your trees can reap the benefits of the injections in the upcoming growing season.

You may not be outside with your lawn mower every weekend during the winter, but there is still a lot you can do for your lawn. Take the steps mentioned here this winter and you will see the benefits of your actions once your spring lawn starts to grow. These steps will help you maximize the health of your lawn and trees and minimize the growth of unwanted vegetation. 

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