Can I Protect My Garden Against Drought?

Posted on May 3, 2017 9:56:53 PM by Stephanie Morgan

Can I Protect My Garden Against Drought? | The Experienced GardenerLiving in California you are no stranger to the drought like conditions that often occur during the summer months. Water restrictions often follow and it can become difficult to keep your garden alive and looking healthy. So what options do you have? Is there a way to protect your garden against drought so all of your time and money do not go to waste? There are a few things you can do to make your garden more resilient in the face of little rainfall and water restrictions.

Choose plants native to your area

This is one of the best ways to protect your garden against drought. Using plants in your garden that are native to your area will drastically improve the likelihood that they will thrive. Each climate has its’ own unique combination of weather including temperature ranges, rainfall averages, and hours of sunlight. Native plants are much more likely to withstand the variations in the weather in your part of the country than those that are used to a different climate.

Follow the sun exposure guidelines for the plants

Plants have guidelines that tell you how much sun is ideal for them to receive during the day. If you provide a plant with more sun than it needs you could end up having to water it more frequently or kill it off completely. Placing plants in the right area of your yard can help them thrive and make it through drought conditions.

Avoid plants that naturally require a lot of water

Some types of plants naturally require a lot of water. Tropical and exotic plants come from areas that experience frequent rainfall. The ground in these types of areas stays moist or saturated most of the time. In order for these types of plants to thrive in your yard you have to create those same conditions. During a drought with water restrictions you will find it difficult to give these types of plants the water they need.

Help the soil maintain moisture

When you water the plants in your flowerbed or garden the water can quickly evaporate in the California sunshine. One way to minimize this and keep more moisture in the ground is to add mulch. Mulch helps the soil maintain the moisture for a longer period of time so it has the opportunity to get to the roots of the plants.

If you need more help you can bring in a professional landscaping company for advice. They will have experience with the types of plants that work best in your area and can help you with appropriate placement. You can even have them maintain your plants for you by scheduling them to come out on regular basis for maintenance.  Keep these things in mind as you design your garden and they will help you add an extra layer of protection against drought.

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