Can I Plant New Shrubs in the Fall?

Posted on Oct 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Can I Plant New Shrubs in the Fall? | The Experienced GardenerSpring generally comes with a long list of outside tasks to get done in the yard and flowerbeds. It can be a lot of fun to add some color back in your yard with all of the flowers that bloom in the spring. But, adding in shrubs, other plants, and flowers all in the spring can be expensive and overwhelming. If you want to take part of that expense and work off your plate in the spring then you may be looking for projects that can be done this fall. One of the projects you can do now is plant new shrubs. Perennial shrubs can, and should, be planted in the fall because they are dormant, you can protect them from the heat, and get them established before the spring and growing season come back around.

Shrubs are dormant

When shrubs are dormant it is a good time to transplant them to a new location. When you take a dormant plant and transplant it to a new place you are not interrupting the growing cycle. In shrubs that are actively growing it can be a shock to be moved from their original container to a new place. This can result in a plant that takes a long time to adjust and look the way you desire. In extreme situations the shrubs can die. You can typically avoid these issues by timing your transplants appropriately.

Protect shrubs from the heat

It can be difficult to plant shrubs during the warmer months because of the heat. The heat can quickly zap water away from your plants. For a plant that was recently transplanted the loss of water is a bigger threat. Adjusting to a new environment takes time and often requires you to water more often than usual. Heat combined with the need to water more often can lead to you having to water the plant all the time to keep it alive or failing to do so and having it die on you. Choosing to plant new shrubs in the fall will help you avoid the threat of excessive heat.

Get your foundational shrubs established

Planting foundational shrubs in the fall can give them time to become established by the spring. This mean that they will be adjusted to their new location by the time growing season comes back around. Your shrub will have the strength to take full advantage of the resources like water and other nutrients once it is firmly established. Getting your shrubs in during the fall can also help you plan out your spring garden. Shrubs are foundational and can be an important aspect of your overall flowerbed layout.

Planting new shrubs in the fall is a great way to get ahead on some of your gardening tasks. Look for shrubs that are perennial and that are native to your area. These elements will help increase the likelihood that your shrubs will establish themselves as a long-term part of your yard.  

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