Can I Ignore My Lawn in the Fall and Winter?

Posted on Oct 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Can I Ignore My Lawn in the Fall and Winter? | The Experienced Gardener

It can be a big relief for the cool weather to roll in and bring some changes to your lawn care routine. You will spend less and less time out in the yard mowing and trimming the grass as we move from fall into winter. This slowdown may be welcomed but it does not mean that you can completely ignore your lawn during the fall and winter. In order to have the yard you want in the spring you need to give it a little attention during the colder months.

The good news is that your lawn care duties in the fall and winter will take much less time than your springtime chores. If you choose to ignore your lawn in the fall and winter it can lead to a buildup of debris, more weeds, and a failure to reach the goals you have set for your springtime yard.

Debris buildup

One of the biggest threats to your lawn during the fall and winter is the buildup of debris. If you have any trees in your yard or in a yard nearby then you know that leaves can quickly pile up as the seasons change. You may have other types of debris as well such as broken limbs and dead plants. Ignoring the debris in your yard and allowing it to build up can have a negative impact on how it looks in the spring. Even though your grass is not growing in the fall and winter like it does in spring and summer it still needs some sunshine and nutrients. A blanket of leaves can block out the sunshine and keep water from reaching the root of your grass. Being proactive about raking up leaves and dealing with other types of debris during the fall and winter will maximize your chances of having a healthy lawn in the spring.


Ignoring your lawn in the fall and winter can also lead to more weeds in the spring. This is because many types of weeds spend the cooler months germinating in the ground and then pop up as soon as the seasons change. You cannot see them but the weeds are there just waiting for spring. You can deal with these weeds in the fall and save yourself a lot of frustration later. You need to talk with a lawn care professional that is an expert in weed prevention. They will be able to recommend the type of treatment that will be the most beneficial for your yard.

Yard Goals

Choosing to ignore your yard in the fall and winter can put you behind on your goals for it. Everyone wants a lawn that looks healthy and appealing. The reason every yard does not look amazing is that it takes time, effort, and planning to get it there. Every proactive step you take to care for your lawn in the fall and winter will improve it for the spring. Protecting your yard against debris, weeds, and providing it with additional nutrients are all steps you can take now to help you reach your yard goals later.

It may be tempting to ignore your yard as the cooler weather move in but do not give in to that temptation. You will end up creating more work for yourself in the spring because you will have to try and undo all the damage that happened while you ignored your lawn. You will not have to spend a ton of time in your yard this fall and winter but the small amount you do spend will pay off.

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