Can A Professional Gardener Prep Your Lawn For Spring?

Posted on Apr 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Can A Professional Gardener Prep Your Lawn For Spring? | The Experienced GardenerWinter is no fun for most gardeners. We miss being out in the yard with our hands in the dirt, making sure all of our plants are looking their best. While there are still things you can do for your yard in the winter, most of the “fun stuff” is reserved for the spring and summer, when plants and flowers are bright and blooming. However, winter can be an important time in the life of your garden. What you do during these colder months can have a profound effect on the way your yard looks in the spring.

Look at your yard now as a blank slate. You can see the layout in a raw form, so this is a great time to do some planning. This is where a professional can really help you out.

Designing a garden is a complex job. Sometimes people think that designing a garden is like arranging a flower bouquet; you pick what looks the prettiest in which areas, and you’re left with lovely results. Actually, designing a garden tends to be more like picking out tropical fish for an aquarium. You have to be mindful not only of aesthetics, but how these living things will affect one another and whether or not their individual needs are being met.

Hiring a professional landscaper during the winter is a great idea, because they have years of knowledge and experience that can help you plan out not only a beautiful garden, but an effective one. They’ll make recommendations based on the layout, location and ____ of your yard, but also your level of gardening experience so that you’ll be able to maintain it throughout the year.

While you have the pros there, ask them about what they can do for your garden at this time. Hiring a landscaper during the winter tends to be less extensive than having them during the spring and summer. This is because during the winter, the main goal is to lay groundwork. This involves feeding, aerating your lawn, and vegetation control, but since your garden isn’t growing as much as it does in spring, you’ll probably only need them to lay treatments once or twice for the season.

One thing you should definitely look out for is whether or not your yard has proper drainage. If you see pools of water on your lawn, you’ll need to call a professional landscaper in to make a recommendation on getting your lawn properly drained. This is something you technically can do yourself, but it’s very complicated, and is usually left best to a pro.

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