Avoiding a Pest Infestation In Your Garden

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Avoiding a Pest Infestation In Your Garden | The Experienced GardenerCreating and tending your own garden is a lot of work. You have to carefully plant seeds or baby plants, then fertilize them, water and care for them for weeks. And if you do it all correctly, you’ll eventually have some fruits or vegetables to show for it. You have grown crops! You’re totally a farmer now. Congrats!

But the elation of growing your own food can quickly be replaced by frustration, thanks to pests. There are many insects and critters that would love to share your harvest. And we bet you’d rather avoid that, right? Here’s how:

  • Plant pest resistant varieties

You get to pick and choose which plants to include in your garden, and you should deliberate these choices carefully. Some plants are easier to grow than others, some have different harvesting times, etc. But there are also specific varieties that are resistant to pests, and plants that are generally resistant (like tomatoes). Plant these to make your life a little easier.

  • Consider raising the bed

This will keep a lot of insects at bay, since they won’t be able to migrate from the lawn or other plants to the garden. On top of that, it will also look nice, provide better drainage and help deter weed growth. Now you know why raised beds are so popular.

  • Don’t bother the spiders

Wherever there are insects, spiders are bound to follow – that is their food source, after all. So if you see some spider webs in your garden, consider leaving them be. The spiders will act as natural insect deterrents, and most American spiders are harmless, anyway.

  • Keep critters out

There are various methods to accomplish this, and the method you pick comes down to preference. Some examples: Set up a chicken wire perimeter; get a cat to patrol the outside of the house; put the garden in the backyard with the dog; scent repellants; live traps (for catch and release). The harder you make it to reach the fruits/veggies, the better.

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