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Tips for Taking Care of the Shrubs in Your Yard

Shrubs are an important aspect of the overall landscape of a yard. Many types of shrubs are evergreen and they are often much larger than the surrounding plants. Shrubs are generally the largest plant in a yard other than the trees. Because of their size and perennial status it is important to take care of the shrubs in your yard. It is more expensive and labor intensive to replace a mature shrub that died of than it is to properly care for that shrub and protect its health. You can take care of the shrubs in your yard by keeping debris cleared away, preventing overgrowth, keeping an eye out for disease/pest activity, and by looking into deep root feedings.

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Tips for Keeping Weeds from Taking Over the Yard

Weeds are one of the biggest enemies of homeowners who are trying to have a beautiful yard. Weeds can steal away nutrition from the soil and surrounding plants inhibiting the growth of the plants you actually want.  Weeds grow more quickly than grass and can cause you to have to mow much more frequently. If you do not proactively protect your yard against weeds they will completely take over. You can prevent this from happening by strengthening your grass, killing off the weeds currently in your yard, and by preventing them from coming back.

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How Does Overgrowth Threaten the Health of Trees?

The overgrowth of trees may seem like a purely aesthetic problem. The reality is, however, that overgrowth can be a serious threat to the health of the trees on your property. Overgrowth can threaten the health of trees by hiding pest activity, covering up signs of disease, and weighing down the branches. If your trees are beginning to become overgrown now is the time to take action-before serious damage can be done.

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What Types of Pests are the Biggest Threat to My Lawn?

Pests can be a big threat to your yard. They can cause unsightly damage and even kill off large sections of your grass. In order to protect your yard from the threat of pests you need to learn which types pose the biggest threat. When you know the signs of activity from the various types of pests you can take steps to prevent those pests or eradicate them if they are already present. Four pests that pose a threat to your lawn are grubs, moles, chinch bugs, and armyworms.

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Ways to Protect Your Yard from Damaging Pests

There are a number of pests that can cause serious damage to your yard. Examples of damage these pests can cause include chewed up blades of grass, discolored patches of grass, raised spots and piles of dirt, and ultimately the death of your lawn. If you want to protect your yard from damaging pests there are some practical steps you can take.

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