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How to Determine if You Need Professional Help with Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy and maintained has a big impact on how the exterior of your home looks. If your lawn is in great shape then it is a joy to pull up to your house each day and see the evidence of your hard work. If your lawn is full of weeds and showing signs of pests and disease then you may cringe every time you drive back up to your house. No matter where your lawn lands on this spectrum, there are a number of reasons to consider hiring professional help for its care. If you have a full schedule, find yourself getting behind on yardwork, lack the equipment you need, or cannot seem to reach your goals for your lawn then it is time to consider bringing in professional help. 

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Getting Professional Help with Lawncare Can Save You Time and Money

There are a number of expenses that come with owning a home – and they can add up quickly. Many homeowners try to save money by becoming DIYers instead of hiring help for tasks like home maintenance, repair, and lawncare. In some situations, this is a good plan. If you can make small repairs around the house on your own it can save a significant amount of money over time. However, there are some situations where saving a little money now can cost you more money in the future. One of the areas that falls into this category is lawncare. Lawncare seems simple and straightforward to most people until they actually have a lawn to take care of. Then the reality of maintaining a yard, protecting it from threats, and promoting growth prove to be very difficult. If you do not properly care for your yard and vegetation from the beginning you can end up putting a lot of time and money in it to get it back into shape. Getting professional help with your lawncare from the beginning can save you time and money.      

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Lawn Tasks You Can Start Doing While it is Still Cold Outside

Christmas has passed and the new year has begun. Many people are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Spring brings with it warmer weather, longer days, and blooming plants. If you love working out in the yard and are anxious to get started, there are a few lawn tasks you can start doing while it is still cold outside. These tasks will help you get ahead so you are ready to get started on the fun stuff – like planting flowers – once spring arrives. Lawn tasks you can get started on right now include removing debris, assessing the condition of your trees, looking for signs of problems, and scheduling routine lawn care services.   

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When is it Safe to Start Planting Flowers Once Again?

If you love to garden then the winter is likely an unwelcomed time of year. There are some things you can do out in the garden when it is cold but none of them have the immediate payoff of seeing flowers bloom. As winter moves toward spring you may be getting anxious to get out in the garden and plant flowers once again. Before you start, you need to determine when it is safe to start planting flowers once again. If you plant flowers too soon you risk losing them to an early spring cold snap. The area where you live, the type of flowers you want to plant, and the way you plan on planting the flowers will all impact when you should start working on your spring garden.

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Take These Five Lawncare Tasks off Your Plate this Spring

In order to properly care for your lawn, there is a long list of tasks you need to complete on a regular basis. You need to provide your lawn with nutrition to keep it healthy and boost growth. This can be done with aeration and fertilization. It is also important that you protect your lawn from threats that can make it look bad or even kill it off completely. These threats include pests, disease, and weeds. None of these tasks are one-and-done - they have to be completed on a schedule in order to provide your yard with continuous nutrition and protection. If this sounds complicated you can avoid getting overwhelmed by bringing in professional help. With regularly scheduled lawn care services you can take the tasks of aeration, fertilization, pest protection, disease control, and weed control off of your plate this spring.

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