Are Weeds Harmful To Plant Growth?

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Are Weeds Harmful To Plant Growth? | The Experienced GardenerOur sister company is San Joaquin Pest Control, as you can see from our website address; San Joaquin Pest is part of the URL! And at SJ Pest, they deal with all kinds of different critters, such as rodents, ants and termites. Fighting pests is a never-ending battle, because they are all around us in the natural world. So we do the best we can, and try to keep them out in the first place.

Weeds are very similar. They’re just as bothersome as a pest problem, and equally difficult to get rid of. Because weeds can come from anywhere, at any time, and they will stunt your plant growth.

  • How weeds push out plants

Weeds are basically like rude houseguests, who show up in the yard and start hogging everything. Weeds will grow faster than your plants and grass, which allows them to spread up and out. The weeds can then steal precious soil space from other plants, and cast a shadow over others that will block sunlight. Additionally, the weed’s roots will suck up nutrients from the soil, depriving your plants of what they need.

  • The spread will only continue

Have you ever seen weeds growing out of the pavement? Weeds are amazingly adaptive, which means a weed problem in the yard will only grow bigger with time. Weed spores can be carried by the wind and end up in the driveway, underneath the garage door – even in a gutter! Weeds in the yard will only beget more weeds.

  • So how do I prevent this?

For starters, you have to go back to childhood chores: start pulling out weeds. Alternatively, you can use weed killer from a home improvement store, although please follow all label directions carefully. We want to rid our yard of any weeds we find.

Regular mowing also needs to become a habit, and be sure to mow to the correct length. Doing this cuts the bud heads off of growing weeds, which stunts their progress. A healthy lawn is another strong defense, because the roots are less likely to be pushed out by weed roots.

Finally, if all of this seems like too much of a hassle, don’t give up hope – contact us! We provide lawn care services throughout the area for clients of all lawn sizes. We don’t just serve the rich; find out what we can do for your lawn today.

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