Are Lawns more Susceptible to Disease and Pests During the Summer?

Posted on Jun 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Are Lawns more Susceptible to Disease and Pests During the Summer? | The Experienced GardenerSummer is a growing season for many types of grass. If your grass spent the winter looking dead and brown the spring and summer can bring new life into it. This is great news for the aesthetics of your yard. A green and lush lawn is much more visually appealing than a dormant brown one. The switch to an active growing state means that your yard has additional needs and additional threats in the summer. Lawns can be more susceptible to disease and pests this time of year because pests and weeds are more active. And, you can inadvertently make your lawn even more vulnerable to these threats by watering it too much or too little. The good news is there are options that will allow you to add an extra layer of protection to your yard this summer so it can thrive.

Pests are active during the summer

There are a number of lawn pests that are more active during the summer. When the grass comes back to life it can provide nutrition to several different types of pests. Some lawn pests spend their time eating away at the root of the grass and kill it from below. Others eat away at the blades of grass and make it look bad on the surface. If summertime lawn pests go unchecked they can cause widespread damage to your yard. You can protect your grass with chemical pest control solutions that you apply yourself or hire a pest control professional to apply.

Weeds weakening grass/soil

Weeds enter their growing season at the same time as your grass. But, weeds can grow and spread much faster than your grass. Often weeds have shallow roots which allows them to pop up quickly in the middle of your yard. The fast growing nature of weeds means that they can crowd out the new grass that is trying to slowly make its way to the surface. In addition, weeds can weaken the soil by sucking up the nutrients. When the soil is depleted of nutrients because of weeds your grass will suffer and be opened up to the threat of disease and pests. A weak yard cannot fight off these threats as easily as one that is strong. Weed control in the summer is an essential part of keeping your yard healthy. Setting your yard up on regularly scheduled weed control services will keep it protected from this threat throughout the summer. 

It can be difficult to keep water balance correct

There are a number of things that can make your yard more susceptible to disease in the summer. Two of the main factors are over-watering and under-watering. When the balance of water in your yard is off it can lead to disease. A parched yard is weak and vulnerable to the threat of disease. Over-watering your lawn can prevent it from getting oxygen to the roots which is essential for healthy growth. This can weaken the grass and allow disease to move in. Getting the watering levels of your yard correct in the summer can be tricky. In California, drought in the summer is common and you may not be allowed to water your yard for certain periods of time. In order to protect your grass from disease in the long run you need to build up a strong lawn and set up chemical disease control.

Lawns are more susceptible to pests and disease in the summer. Grass that is actively growing is more attractive to pests that are looking for a snack. You lawn can be weakened by the presence of weeds which makes it more vulnerable to both pests and disease. Disease is a bigger threat because it can be difficult to find the right balance of water for your yard during the summer. The good news is that you can protect your lawn from these threats with regularly scheduled pest control services.

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