Are Lawn Care Services Seasonal?

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Are Lawn Care Services Seasonal?

Your lawn requires a certain level of maintenance and attention all throughout the year. The amount and type of care it needs changes with the seasons. In order to have the lawn you want during the spring and summer you have to give it some attention during the winter and fall as well.

Winter lawn care needs

Many of the winter lawn care needs are related to preparing your yard for the spring. Grass, plants, and trees are typically dormant during the winter. This means that they are not actively growing. But, being dormant does not mean that they are dead. Under the surface your trees, grass, and perennial plants are alive and getting ready to move back into the growing season once spring moves in. You can take the fact that your shrubs and trees are in dormancy as an opportunity to have them trimmed. Getting professional care for your shrubs and trees in the winter will make them look better in the spring and give your lawn care professional the chance to assess their health. Winter is also a good time to have any dead or damaged trees and shrubs removed.

Spring lawn care needs

When spring arrives all of nature seems to come back to life. The grass, weeds, flowers, and leaves all start growing once again. This is a prime time of year for lawn care services. Tasks like mowing, trimming, killing weeds, and eradicating pests need to take place on a regular basis. This is also the time to plant grass seed if needed and provide your lawn with extra nutrients. You can have your lawn aerated and fertilized as a part of the process of planting seed. These tasks will go a long way toward improving the health of your yard. 

Summer lawn care needs

Summer lawn care needs are similar to those in the spring. You will need to continue protecting your yard from the threat of weeds and pests. The summer is often dryer than the spring which can make your lawn more susceptible to disease and damage. Getting on an effective watering schedule and protecting your yard from threats will give you the best chance of maintaining a healthy lawn through the summer.

Fall lawn care needs

Fall is an excellent time to aerate and fertilize your yard. These tasks provide your yard with a boost of nutrients before is heads into dormancy for the winter. Fall is also a good time to check on other maintenance tasks around your yard. Check your gutters and downspouts to ensure that water is running off correctly. Locate and deal with any areas that have standing water around your yard. These proactive lawn care tasks can help set you up to have a beautiful lawn in the spring.

Lawn care services can be useful during every season of the year. The thing that changes with the seasons is the type of service you will receive. Talk to your lawn care professional about setting up a plan that keeps your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy and protected all year long. Having consistent lawn care services throughout the year can prevent you from needing to spend an inordinate amount of time and money on your yard in the spring to get it back into shape.

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