Are Insects Ruining Your Garden?

Posted on Aug 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Are Insects Ruining Your Garden? | The Experienced GardenerIt’s no secret: insects go hand-in-hand with gardens. Unfortunately, if you plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs, there will be insects that are attracted to your garden, and won’t mind helping themselves.

Some pests can do major harm to your plants, so it’s important to be vigilant in your fight against insects. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend all our time in your garden to have a good one. With a little bit of research and prevention, you can enjoy a garden that is (relatively) free of unwanted insects.

Keep pests away

From the very first time you bring a new plant into your garden, pest control begins. Okay, before you bring the plant home, pest control begins. Before you buy a plant, you’ll want to look for signs of pests. Be sure the plant is free from nibbles and free from signs of eggs.

Once you get your plant home, be sure to watch for signs of insects as neighboring garden pests can invade shortly.  

To help with pest prevention, plant herbs that have a pungent aroma, such as citronella, mint, basil, catnip, and lemongrass. Some of these herbs will also attract natural predators, so be sure to do your research and plant with intention.

Weed regularly, and be sure to look for pests where they hide. Where do they hide? Keep reading to find out.

Keep a lookout

It’s good to look for insects in your garden often. Check for bugs in any flower buds, shoot tops, and under leaves for mites and aphids. Look for grubs when you repot plants, you also want to look for nibbled on roots.

Caterpillars may be found on rolled up leaves.

Go outside at night with a flashlight to spot slugs, snails, and other nocturnal pests.

Encourage friends

To keep pests at bay, it’s a good idea to encourage insects that are beneficial to gardens. Insects like bumblebees, aphid parasites, lady beetles, praying mantises, and mealy bug destroyers are all insects you will want to welcome in your garden.

When you see unwanted pests in your garden, don’t automatically reach for the poison. It’s often that the pest's predators won’t be far behind. Chemical pesticides don’t know good bugs from bad bugs, so do hold off on it if you can.

If the insects in your garden are getting out of control, it may be time to call a professional gardener to help you out. We can help with all sorts of insects infestations so that you can enjoy your garden more, and work less.

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