Are All Weed Control Products Basically the Same?

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Are All Weed Control Products Basically the Same? | The Experienced GardenerWhen trying to determine what type of weed control products to use on your yard it can be difficult to differentiate between the options. You may even wonder if all weed control products are basically the same. There are some products with similar ingredients that are simply sold through different companies. However, there is still a wide range of weed control products available off the shelf and through a weed control professional. It is not safe to assume that they are all the same because you could end up with results that you do not want. Below is a brief description of some of the types of weed control products that are available.

Weed control products that kill everything

There are some weed control products on the market that are designed to kill everything. This means that they will kill the weeds but will also kill any other type of vegetation they come in contact with. These products are designed to be used in areas where you do not want any type of plant growth. A common example of where you would use this type of product is on your driveway. You can use it to keep grass and weeds from growing between the cracks in your concrete. Sidewalks, steps, and decks are other examples of places where this type of weed control can be used. But you would never use this type of weed control on your lawn unless your intention is to get rid of all your grass.

Weed control products that kill the weeds but keep the grass

If you need to spray your lawn for weeds but want to keep your grass alive there are options available. If you plan on buying a weed control product and spraying on your own be sure and carefully read the description of the product. Often times you will see products described as ‘weed and feed’ or some variation on that phrase. This means that the product is designed to kill weeds and provide nutrients to your grass. This is generally an indication that the product can be used on grass without killing it.

Weed control products designed for certain types of weeds

Some weed control products are designed to kill off certain types of weeds. This is considered selective weed control. This type of targeted approach can be used when you have one type of weed that is causing issues. Generally this type of weed control product will not harm the surrounding vegetation so it is safe to use around grass and other types of plants you want to keep. If you have one type of weed that is creating the issues then you can look to see if there is a product available to target it.

Professional weed control products

There are plenty of weed control products available off the shelf that claim to give professional results. But the reality is that professional lawn care companies typically have access to a wider range of weed control products. In addition, they have the equipment and knowledge to go with the weed control products they can provide.

The weed control products out there are not all the same. They offer different types of weed control and the best choice is dependent on your situation. If you want to deal with weeds yourself be sure to read the label carefully before applying any type of weed control product. If you decide to hire a professional lawn care company, the most important element is communicating what you want so you end up with best possible results.  

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