Advice For Growing a Flower Garden

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Advice For Growing a Flower Garden | The Experienced GardenerHow many problems in life can be solved by flowers? Had a fight with your wife? Buy her some roses. Forgot your mom’s birthday? How about a nice little bouquet to smooth things over? Even guys receive flowers sometimes; what, do you have something against things that are pretty and smell nice?

Of course, buying flowers is pretty pricey; but growing them yourself is not. I’m not saying you should grow roses so you can save money on Valentine’s Day, but a nice flower garden can really brighten up a yard. And in a fertile place like the San Joaquin Valley, it’s easier to grow plants and gardens; our weather is great for it.

Here’s some advice for growing a flower garden yourself:

  • Keep the garden separate

The garden should not be connected to your lawn in any way, in order to protect it. Although we don’t want plant disease anywhere, we especially want to avoid it in the garden. Therefore, ensure your garden is in a separate flowerbed or make a raised garden bed. This helps prevent pests from reaching the garden, and also keeps weeds at bay. If you cover the garden dirt with a little bark or some other material, that also helps.

  • Don’t overwater

Overwatering is a very common mistake, and it’s a great way to kill your plants. Providing too much water isn’t going to jumpstart growth; in fact, it will actually overstress the plant. And an overstressed plant is more vulnerable to disease. Water sparingly, and do it in the morning; that way, it will dry up by afternoon.

  • Look for disease-resistant varieties

You can buy plants from almost anywhere, including stores like Walmart and Lowes. However, if you go to a plant nursery, you’ll find greater variety; including some disease-resistant plants. We always recommend using these varieties, because it will make your life easier.

  • Consider colors

This is more of a style thing, but what are the criteria you’ll be using to select flowers for the garden? We recommend considering colors. Having a variety of colorful plants can make for a vibrant, beautiful garden. This isn’t a necessity, but it can mean the difference between a boring garden and a stunning one.

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