5 Ways You Can Help Your Lawn Make It Through Winter

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

5 Ways You Can Help Your Lawn Make It Through Winter | The Experienced GardenerThis winter actually feels like winter, doesn’t it? Living in California, winter can often feel like an extension of fall, or even spring at times. It isn’t necessarily always a cold season. However, this year we’ve seen quite a bit of rain and wind, and many people who have nice, manicured lawns are wondering how this will affect them. Luckily, there are some things you can do during this cold weather to help your lawn grow and even thrive during the upcoming warmer months. They aren’t as involved as your spring and summer gardening chores, but they’ll definitely help your lawn in the long run. Here are some things you can do to help your yard along during this unusually cold winter.

Keep Off

One of the plants most vulnerable during the winter is grass. Grass can sometimes get covered in ice crystals or even freeze over on especially cold nights. Although you might have gotten used to letting your kids or pets play on the grass, the winter is not a good time to put the added pressure on your lawn. Try to stay off of your lawn as much as possible, and don’t let toys, chair or other things sit on them.

Clear Leaves

Another thing to keep off of your lawn is leaves. If you have trees anywhere near your lawn, you’ll need to rake any dead leaves off of your grass as soon as you can. In winter, the sun is more scarce than usual, and your lawn needs to soak up as much as it can, whenever it can. If it’s covered in dead leaves, your lawn’s roots won’t get the nutrients they need.

Fertilize Now

Fertilizer is always beneficial, and in the winter it can be just the boost your lawn needs to make it through the cold. Heat and sun tend to soak up some of the nutrients in fertilizer, so adding some to your lawn now will give it a chance to take in as much as it can.

Mow Before Cold Sets In

Although it’s a little late for this tip now, for future reference you should remember to mow your lawn right before the cold of winter sets in. Grass is weak in the winter, so mowing it is not the best idea. Leaving your grass tall can attract insects and rodents, so that’s not a good option either. Next winter, remember to take advantage of those last days of sun and mow your lawn before the really cold days come about.

Hire A Landscaper

Having a professional landscaper is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. They can assess your lawn and make sure it’s getting all the nutrients and servicing it needs. These experts will be able to spray your lawn with preventative weed control chemicals that will stop weeds from germinating, which they often do during the winter. You’ll probably only need them to stop by once or twice during the dormant months of winter, but these visits can really help your lawn make it through what is usually a rough time.

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