4 Winter Gardening Chores You Can't Forget

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

4 Winter Gardening Chores You Can't Forget | The Experienced GardenerFor those of us who aren’t big fans of winter, this one might seem like it’s been going on forever. It’s been especially rainy and cold this year, and many of you are itching to get back outside and into the sun again. Especially for those of you who love spending time in your garden, since winter makes it difficult to get out into the garden for some relaxing time with your favorite hobby. However, the sunny weather isn’t as far off as it feels. We’re starting to see a bit more sun, and the rain seems to be slowing. Take advantage of those sunny afternoons and make sure you’re not neglecting your yard and garden. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of chores that you should cover while you check up on your garden in between the rainy days.

Mow When You Can

It’s important to let your lawn rest when it’s really cold. Most of the time, we recommend mowing the lawn before winter hits. When it gets very cold and rainy outside, the blades of grass on your lawn become especially frail and brittle and might even develop some ice crystals on them. During this time, your grass is quite weak, so the best thing to do is stay off of it. Walking on your grass while it’s wet is especially bad, since it can cause the soil beneath it to compact and add pressure to the roots. However, if you see a few days in a row of sun coming up, plan to mow your lawn on the last day of the sunshine. This way, your grass gets the healthy trim it needs without being damaged in its most vulnerable state.

Keep An Eye Out For Disease

During the cold seasons there are a lot of gardening tasks that go on hold, since most plants are dormant. However, one of the chores you should be doing year round is checking on your trees and plants to make sure they aren’t showing signs of disease. Common signs include leaves changing colors unexpectedly, or branches dying off. It’s important to watch for these signs, since early detection might help save your tree or plant in the long run.

Pull Weeds

This is probably the least enjoyable part of gardening, but it has to be done. Even in the winter, it’s important to watch out for weeds. It can even be more important during this time, since your plants need to soak in as much sun and nutrients as they can get, and weeds tend to hinder that. Consider having a pest control company spray your plants during winter, since a lot of the weed problems that start in winter don’t sprout up until spring. Chemical methods of weed control can be especially effective on these underground weeds.

Rake Leaves

Another things that can keep your lawn from getting as much sun as possible during this winter is leaves. If you have a tree in your yard or anywhere nearby, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to deal with leaves on your lawn. While it might seem harmless, these leaves can block your lawn from getting the precious few hours of sunlight that it needs.

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