3 Ways To Keep Your Yard Healthy In Cold Weather

Posted on Feb 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

3 Ways To Keep Your Yard Healthy In Cold Weather | The Experienced Gardener

Winter is here, and when most people think of gardening, this is not the season that comes to mind. You don’t see many people outside working on their garden during these colder months, and that isn’t just because gardeners aren’t dedicated. Most gardening fans are committed to their plants and do whatever it takes to keep them in good health. No, the lack of gardening in winter is actually due to the lack of need for it. Most plants are dormant during this time of the year, so there isn’t much need to get out in the yard and tinker with anything. Even weeds tend to die down during this time, so you probably won’t need to work on getting rid of those nearly as much as you’re used to doing during the spring and summer. So, is there anything you can do for your yard during this season? There are actually a few things.

Winter is a great time to prepare for the coming spring. If you want to have a bountiful and thriving garden in the spring, there are a couple things you can do now that will definitely help you achieve that goal. Here are a few tips to keep your garden healthy in the winter and thriving in the approaching seasons.


For some plants, pruning in the winter can be greatly beneficial. Since plants are dormant during this time, it can be easier to prune them without damaging them. For the most part, stick to pruning bushes and trees. Bushes can be trimmed liberally, and to your liking. However, be careful when trimming your trees to only clear away dying or diseased branches. If you trim anything else, you might be causing damage instead of encouraging the tree to grow. If you aren’t sure which branches to trim, allow a landscaping company to take care of it for you.

Clear Leaves

If you have trees in your yard, or anywhere around your house, you probably deal with dead leaves often. This isn’t just an annoying eyesore, these leaves can actually damage your law. During winter especially, your lawn needs to soak in as much sunlight it can get, whenever the sun is out. Dead leaves block your lawn from the sun from reaching the roots of your lawn, and stop it from getting the nutrients it needs.

Stay Off

Winter can be especially rough on grass. During the coldest days, grass can even covered with ice crystals, and frozen over. One of the best things you can do to help your lawn survive the cold is staying off of it. While your lawn might be the host of many games and picnics during the warmer months, it’s fragile during the winter, and should be left alone as much as possible.

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