3 Things You Absolutely MUST Do For Your Lawn and Garden During Winter

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

3 Things You Absolutely MUST Do For Your Lawn and Garden During Winter | The Experienced GardenerWinter is here and the weather has finally started to drop to “puffy coat” temperatures. The holidays are approaching, which means vacation time and family gatherings. Cafes are making their winter specials, and the rain is providing the perfect soundtrack to a day inside with a good book. In fact, it’s raining more than we’ve been used to in the past few years, which is great for your lawn and garden (as long as you’re on top of your weed control). What’s not great for them, however, is the lack of gardening motivation that plagues us all when it’s cold outside.

We understand that not many people are keen on the idea of pulling weeds and digging around in their gardens when it’s freezing out. In this blog we’ve listed three things you should do, even if you’re cold and would rather stay cozied up inside. Following these three steps will help keep your lawn and garden as healthy as possible during these chilly months.

Stay off of your lawn

If you’re pining to stay inside anyway, this should be an easy rule to follow. During winter, your lawn and garden are at their most vulnerable. If you’ve started noticing ice crystals developing on your grass, that’s fine. It’s perfectly natural. Just leave your lawn alone as much as possible while it deals with the winter frost. The goal here is to minimize the chance of damage, since your lawn isn’t really up to repairing during this season.

Clear leaves

Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, chances are you have quite a few leaves in your yard from your neighbors trees or trees on your street. You might think it’s okay to leave them lying around, but it can actually do damage to your yard. These leaves are blocking your lawn and plants from getting the nutrients they need from the sun. Especially during this time of year, your plants need as much access to sunlight as possible. Rake up as soon as they start piling up so that your lawn can get all the rain and sun that it can, instead of it being wasted on dead leaves.


During the winter trees, bushes and shrubs basically stop growing. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to do some pruning. If you have bushes, feel free to prune them back to wherever you like them to be. However, if you have trees you’ll want to be a little more cautious. Make sure that any branches you prune are either failing or dying. If you prune branches that aren’t at risk, you’ll be doing more damage than good.

We know that it can be hard to bring yourself to brave the cold weather. Try to follow these three steps at least, and you’ll be happy you did when spring rolls around. You’ll have less repair work to do and your lawn and garden will bloom to their full potential. So put down your cocoa for a couple minutes, do the little work there is to be done, and get back inside for another cozy winter afternoon.

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