3 Things That Can Destroy Your Lawn

Posted on Jun 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

3 Things That Can Destroy Your Lawn | The Experienced Gardener

After you buy or rent a home you really care about, your priorities change. You become one of those people that cares about your lawn and the paint chips on your garage door. You love your home, and you want it to look it’s best for as long as possible. You might have thought you’d never be the type of person to analyze the length of the blades of grass in your lawn, but here you are. Don’t be ashamed! As you start taking better care of your house, you’ll feel more comfortable inviting people over, you’ll learn new skills and even improve the value of your house.

Since you might be new to lawn care, we thought we’d put together a list of a few things that can damage your lawn, without you even knowing. Keep this in mind as you go into the next year and your lawn can end up looking it’s absolute best.

Improper Watering

Be careful that you’re watering your lawn the right amount. Watering your lawn too much can actually cause damage. When you water your lawn, it wets the soil below your grass, causing it to be more pliable and vulnerable. You don’t want your lawn to be in this state more often than needed, since the chances of it being damaged increase during this stage.

You can also overwater your grass and cause it to drown if you’re not careful. Do research or hire a landscaper who can correctly judge the amount of water your lawn needs. It’s also important to make sure your lawn has proper drainage. Even if it’s being watered the exact right amount, if your lawn doesn’t have good drainage, water can pool up and sit in puddles, attracting pests and drowning your grass.


Weeds in your lawn can be frustrating if you’re new to landscaping. Weeds in your flower bed or vegetable garden can be a little easier to sort out, since they stand out against the brown soil. However, within the green blades of grass, weeds can tend to blend in if you’re not specifically looking for them. There are several products that can help you get rid of weeds in your grass, since pulling them by hand can be difficult and effective. Do your research and find a product that you’re comfortable using, and follow the instructions carefully to make sure you’re getting rid of the weedswithout damaging your grass.

Too Much Pressure

We’re not talking about the kind of pressure you get when you’re coming up on a deadline at work...we mean physical pressure. Leaving toys and furniture on your lawn can do a ton of damage, especially if you’ve just watered it. Remember earlier when we talked about the vulnerable state your lawn is in when you’ve just watered it? This is because any pressure on top can press the pliable soil together, compacting it completely. This can make it very difficult for your grass to stretch and grow its roots and get the nutrients it needs. Try to stay off of your lawn as much as possible, but if you want to let your kids play on it or put some chairs onto it, just make sure they stay off while it’s wet.

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