3 Services That Can Help Your Yard Thrive In Spring

Posted on Apr 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

3 Services That Can Help Your Yard Thrive In Spring | The Experienced GardenerSpring is the season of payoff for anyone who invests time and effort into their yard. The flowers are starting to bloom and your grass is looking full and green again. Pulling into the driveway after a long day at work and seeing the aesthetics of your front yard make it all worth it, and can improve any bad mood instantly. People who love gardening love this time of year, because your job becomes that of a caretaker for your plants; carefully babysitting them while they finally start to flourish. This is also the time of year when having a professional landscaper can come most in handy. Watching all of your plants come to life is great, but you can’t just let your yard grow any which way it wants. Along with the plants you want, weeds are starting to sprout up as well. Your grass is starting to grow like crazy, and the sun is bearing down on it all. Here are 3 services to consider having your landscaper take on in order to keep your yard at its healthiest this spring.

Lawn Aeration

During the warmer seasons, your lawn is at its strongest. You might not know this but during the winter, grass can be extremely fragile, and a lot of damage can be done that it can’t recover from. This is not the case during spring and summer. One of the best services you can have done for your lawn is aeration. This process involves poking little holes in the soil of your lawn that help water and nutrients reach the roots of your grass much easier. It also helps drain excess water that might sit on the top of your lawn if the soil is too compacted. This process can make a world of difference for your lawn, but now is the time to do it. Aerating your lawnin the colder months is not recommended since it needs to be at its strongest in order to recoup from the workout of aeration.

Trimming, Mowing and Pruning

This is the time of year where any type of trimming should be done. In the same way that your lawn has the ability to recover from aeration, your trees, bushes and plants can recover best if they’re trimmed in warmer weather. Talk to your landscaper about any trees that you want cut back, and any plants that need pruning. It’s also time for your lawn mowing schedule to pick back up to it’s normal pace, as opposed to the slow pace that you should be taking in winter.


Your garden looks it’s absolute best in spring. If you look around and notice spots that you wish had more greenery or flowers or anything in it, now is the time to take note. Talk to your landscaper about the areas in your garden that you’d like to make changes in. They have the experience both with your yard and with different types of plants to make recommendationsabout which plants you should fill those spaces with.

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