3 Reasons You Should Invest in Vegetation Control This Winter

Posted on Dec 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Vegetation Control This Winter | The Experienced GardenerAs winter approaches many homeowners start to put the care of their property much lower on their priority list. The fact that grass and other types of vegetation go dormant makes it easy to forget that your acreage still needs some attention. In fact, the fall and winter are great times to invest in preventative care for your land. For example, you can invest in vegetation control during the winter and save yourself time in the spring, avoid the negative consequences that come with overgrowth, and enjoy the benefits that come with a weed-free property.

Save time

Dealing with weeds on your property can use up tons of time. If you have a large piece of land you can find yourself working out in it every weekend just to keep the vegetation overgrowth under control. No one wants to spend every moment of free time during the spring and summer dealing with weeds. If you invest in vegetation control services now you can save yourself a lot of time in the spring and summer because it will prevent weeds from growing. Reclaim your spring and summer weekends now with the help of vegetation control.

Prevent negative consequences

Investing in vegetation control this winter can help you avoid the negative consequences that can come with overgrowth. Overgrown vegetation can become a fire hazard during times of drought, provide harborage for vermin, and be an eyesore. In addition, if the vegetation gets really out of control it can potentially cause damage to your mowing equipment as you try and push it beyond its recommended capacity. Preventing overgrowth with vegetation control will allow you to avoid all of these potential consequences.

Enjoy the benefits

If you invest in vegetation control now, you will enjoy the benefits all year long. Pre-emergent herbicide that is applied properly can prevent weed growth for an entire year. This means that you can skip the constant mowing, weeding, and chemical treatment that often comes with vegetation overgrowth. Pre-emergent gets to the seeds before they have a chance to germinate and cause problems at your property. The long-term benefits of getting professional vegetation control this winter makes it an investment that keeps on giving.

Your property may look like nothing is going on during the winter but there is plenty of activity ready to take place below the surface. The seeds that will become weeds in the spring are already in the soil waiting for the right weather to pop up and cause you problems. You can save yourself time, avoid negative consequences, and enjoy the benefits of a weed-free property by investing in vegetation control this winter. The experts at The Experienced Gardener can apply pre-emergent to your land and get you on your way toward having a weed-free property.

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