Why Skipping Monthly Commercial Pest Control Is A Mistake

Posted on Apr 25, 2019 9:36:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Why Skipping Monthly Commercial Pest Control Is A Mistake | San Joaquin Pest Control

As a business owner or manager, you have a ton of different things to worry about on a day-to-day basis, just to keep your company going and doing well. From paying bills to training employees to brainstorming new ideas, it may seem as if the responsibilities never end. It makes sense that from time to time you decide to let a few of the “less important” tasks fall to the wayside for a while. However, if you’ve been avoiding monthly pest control to save some money, or because you simply don’t have the time to look over the details, it’s time to make a change.

A pest infestation in your business can be enough to drive away even your most loyal clientele. In extreme cases, it can even get your business temporarily closed down. Pest control definitely isn’t glamorous, and it’s probably not the most fun task for you to take on, but it is one of the most essential things you can do for your business. Even if you think you aren’t at risk from the threat of an infestation, you may be shocked. Bugs and rodents can come in through the smallest openings, and they may even travel inside through items brought in to your building.
There are certainly approaches to pest control that you can attempt on your own, but if you’re looking to save time and effort, this just isn’t in your best interest. A monthly, scheduled visit from your trusted pest control provider will take zero effort from you and your employees. DIY pest control can be incredibly laborious. Not only does it take forever, but your pest control attempts may not be effective. A professional pest control company is considered professional for a reason. They have the experience and training to take care of your pest issues quickly and efficiently.
If your business involves food in any way, monthly pest control is even more essential. Not only is it incredibly important that conditions be kept clean when you are serving food to the public, but food can also cause an infestation. The crumbs and spills that are inevitably left behind during food preparation are like a beacon to hungry insects and rodents. Even if you try your best to keep things spic and span, you may have crumbs or sticky residue that has fallen behind cabinets or underneath appliances. While it is certainly essential to keep things as clean as you possibly can, this can only do so much. Consistent professional pest control treatments are your best way to prevent and deal with pesky infestations.
Amongst all of the long lists of things that you are trying to stay on top of for the success of your company, pest control is an absolutely critical one to add to the list. While it may be tempting to skimp on a service that you don’t see an immediate need for, you will absolutely regret doing so if you are suddenly get an infestation of roaches or ants, or you start seeing rats run across your floor.
Contact a local pest control company in your area to determine exactly what type of pest control you need in your company’s location. A local company will know which pests are the biggest threat to your area, and the best way to avoid them. They will also be able to fill you in on prices and treatments available, as well as answer any questions that you may have. While pest control may not be something that you look forward to dealing with, it is absolutely necessary to keeping your business a safe and welcoming environment for you, your employees, and your clientele.

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