What Are Pantry Pests And Why Do I Keep Finding Them?

Posted on May 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

What Are Pantry Pests And Why Do I Keep Finding Them? | San Joaquin Pest Control

Its never a great feeling when you find any sort of pests in your home. Once it happens, you instantly feel paranoid and its hard to get rid of the feeling. However its even worse when you find pests in your pantry. Picture this; you open the door to your pantry to look for something to snack on. You haven’t cleaned it out for a while so it takes you a while to find exactly what you’re looking for. As you go out to reach for it a line of ants streaming into the box of crackers catches your eye. How horrifying! 

Food pantries are one of the most common areas within a home that pests find and thrive within. With the abundance of food and hiding spots it’s a pest heaven. Ants, cockroaches, and mice are often found hiding out in pantries, and it can be hard and annoying to get them out. Because your food is stored in this area its important that you don’t use any pesticide to try and attack the pests. If you find an infestation of any type in your pantry, its best to contact a professional pest control company to get rid of the problem because they have the experience and tools that can definitively end the problem.

This is all avoidable with the implementation of simple weekly habits. By keeping your pantry clutter free you limit the hiding areas for pests and you make it easier to spot the signs of an infestation before it becomes a problem. Another important habit to put into place that will help avoid pests in your pantry is to transfer any product that is in a bag or cardboard container into a solid plastic container that is sealable after each use. These airtight containers make it very difficult for the pests to get into the food if they find your pantry. 

If you consistently find pests in your pantry, even after following the tips we mentioned above, then you need to search for entry points. Keep in mind that pests are always going to be looking for food and then hiding spots, and a pantry provides both. Entry points can be all over your home. Make sure that you are closing your doors immediately after you enter or exit. If you have your windows open install screens to prevent pests from entering and if you already have window screens, make sure to check them for holes from weathering each month. 

Pests are never a welcome guest in your home, especially when they’re near your food. If they have access to your home from open doors or windows, pests will find their way to the pantry because it provides them with the 2 things they are in search of, food and hiding spots. To avoid them getting into your food make sure you cut back on any entry points into your home that you see, keep the pantry clutter free, and keep food sealed in plastic resalable containers. If you have a major infestation in your kitchen or anywhere in your home, call in a professional team to help you get rid of them.

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