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6 Reasons You Keep Finding Ants in Your Kitchen

Posted on Apr 9, 2015 5:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

6 Reasons You Keep Finding Ants in Your Kitchen | San Joaquin Pest ControlAs you spend time in the kitchen preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners for your family, it can be a bit disturbing to constantly find ants roaming around. They are an extremely common pest. They might make you feel like your kitchen and your home is dirtier than it actually is, and if they’re crawling around the kitchen, who’s to say they haven’t made their way onto some of the food you’re preparing? You want a clean and safe environment to provide for your loved ones, and that’s understandable. In order to keep them out, it’s helpful to first understand why they might be re-occurring in the first place. Here are six reasons you keep finding ants in your kitchen:

1. Leftover Food

Ants don’t necessarily want to nest up in your house. One of the main reasons they decide to come in is to look for food for the rest of the colony. Leaving leftover food lying around is an easy way to attract ants. What’s even worse is rotting food like fruits and old meals. Don’t let it decompose...that’s when the ants come.

2. Something Wrong With Your Windows

A lot of times, a kitchen that has re-occurring ant problems also has windows that aren’t properly sealed. Ants are clever and can squeeze through very tiny cracks. It’s not uncommon for a window to develop small cracks around the edges. Make sure you re-seal them frequently, as they provide a prime entrance into your home for ants.

3. Time For a New Door Seal

Much like windows, doors provide a nice little gateway for ants to enter your home. They’ll come through any crack they can find. This is most commonly found underneath the door. Make sure all doors to the outside have a tight door seal on the bottom. Even more importantly, don’t leave the door open. When there’s kids running around, it’s not uncommon for this to happen, so make sure they understand the importance of closing the door. That way, ants can’t come in and crawl around your kitchen.

4. Pets and Kids Wreaking Havoc

Pets and kids are messy. In fact, they specialize in the kinds of messes that ants find extremely appealing. What’s important to note is that a lot of times they’ll make a small mess that isn’t noticeable – a spill or a few crumbs. The problem with this is that even the smallest grain of sugar can be enough to attract an ant, and have him bring his ant friends.

5. Colonies Forming Around Your House

Ants don’t really want to colonize inside your home. They just go in for food and beverage. They do, however, want to colonize around your home. These colonies act as home bases as ants look for any way they can to get into your home. Keep an eye out for these colonies, and if they’re out of hand (or you just want them gone), call pest control.

6. It’s Spring, and They're Foraging

When Spring time rolls around, ants send scouts out and about to forage for food. When they leave, they leave a trail of scent so that the other ants can find their way to the food that is discovered. This might be a reason why ants keep popping up in your kitchen. Be on high alert for ants during Spring.

There are plenty of reasons you might keep finding ants in your kitchen, and identifying these reasons is a huge step in ant-proofing your home. Professional pest control is the best way to get them out and keep them out!

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