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4 Unintentional Ways You're Inviting Pest Problems

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

4 Unintentional Ways You're Inviting Pest Problems | San Joaquin Pest ControlOne thing I often find with our customers is how clueless they are about certain risky behaviors. It doesn’t surprise me – most folks don’t have to spend as much time dealing with pests as I do – but some of it is simple common sense. For instance, if you leave your leftovers on the kitchen table, uncovered and unprotected, shouldn’t you assume pests will find that inviting?

But I’m not here to scold you; I’m here to educate you. I want you to become aware of these potentially risky behaviors, so you’ll abandon them once and for all. Here are four unintentional ways you’re inviting pest problems:

1. Not Keeping the Kitchen Clean

This is the simplest way to put a big dent in potential pest problems. Keep your kitchen as clean as possible, making sure to wipe down every surface at night, keep the trash can empty, and mop and sweep occasionally. Just by doing those things, you’ll be greatly reducing your chances of encountering pests.

 2. Eating in Other Parts of the Home

 Do you really need to take that piece of cake to your room so you can eat it in bed? What would your mother think of you getting crumbs all over your sheets? Not to mention this is an excellent way to invite pest problems. You don’t clean your room every night because you don’t prepare food in there; but if you insist on eating there, you’re going to leave food particles all over. And pests will gladly clean them up for you.

 3. Allowing Windows and Doors to Have Weak Seals

There is a reason weather stripping was invented: not only does it help keep the cold or hot air out, it also prevents pests from squeezing into your home underneath doors and around window sills. If your doors or windows aren’t adequately sealed, purchase some weather stripping from a home improvement store to fix the problem.

 4. Leaving Wood Lying Around Your Property

One of my least favorite pests is the termite, and leaving wood around your yard is a great way to entice them. Termites live in the outside world most of the time, and you can easily end up with a termite nest right by your house if you leave piles of wood in the yard – they like to set up shop near a reliable food source. Additionally, don’t allow dead tree stumps to persist outside, and keep firewood in the garage. 

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