3 Winter Chores That Will Also Keep Bugs Away

Posted on May 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Do Bed Bugs Go Away In Winter?  | San Joaquin Pest Control

Winter in California might not be as harsh as winter almost anywhere else, but it still means you’ll be spending more time inside. This is a great time to get to work on some chores in your spare time during those rainy or windy days. It’s also the beginning of a new year, which means you have a clean slate, and can start making those improvements you thought about during your New Years celebrations.

Cleaning and organizing your house is a great way to feel accomplished, as well as give yourself a better environment to come home to. On top of having a nice, clean home, you’ll also be making your home less inviting to pests, which will save you a ton of headaches and money down the road. Here are a few of the chores you should make sure are on your to-do list this winter, in order to make sure you have a pest free year.

Closing Up Gaps In Your Home

During this season, the wind and rain causes a lot of people to crank up the heat, and in turn, crank up the power bill. Put a stop to all that wasted heat this year, and close up all the holes and gaps where it’s escaping! Not only do holes in your walls let out the hot air that you have to constantly keep pumping out to stay warm, but it also lets bugs and pests into your home. Walk around your home slowly and check for any gaps in the walls. It’s usually easy to tell which rooms have gaps or holes in their walls because it’s more drafty in them. You can also check the doors and windows of your home. If there’s space between the door or window and it’s frame, pests can use it to get in, and the hot air you spend money to create can get out. Either replace them, or use weather stripping to cover the gaps.

Creating/Following New Rules

If there’s ever a time to make some new habits and rules for your household, it’s now, at the beginning of the year. Consider adding these tasks to a new chore board or list that your whole family can help out with:

  • Wipe down all surfaces after using them: Try keeping Clorox wipes around the house, as a reminder and easy way to complete this task. Wiping any sticky substances away right away will give pests less to come in looking for.

  • Take out trash every day: If your household is small (2 people, or just yourself) take out the trash once a day, if 3 or more people live there, you might need to take out the trash several times a day.

  • Trim hedges and lawn: Keeping the plants and grass around your home trimmed is important since longer grass and plants can give pests a place to hide.

Organize The Garage

Now here’s a weekend project. It’s time to tackle that messy garage, once and for all. Gather some see through, lockable, plastic tubs and put anything you’re going to keep in them, and lock them. Many pests use clutter to hide in, and might even build a home in them if they’re able to. It’s also important to put anything you possibly can up off the floor, and onto shelves, in order to keep pests out of the spaces behind and in between tubs and boxes. 

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