Bed Bug Preparation Notice Spray Only

  1. Remove all bed linens, towels and clothing from the home, place in trash bags to be taken to a laundry mat or cleaner away from home. Dry all items twice in a hot dryer then put items in clean new bags. Do not remove from bags until problems is eliminated from the home.
  2. Take out all area rugs and have them steam cleaned. Once clean put in plastic trash bag until problem is eliminated from the home.
  3. Remove all mattresses and box springs from the bed frames lean against the wall. Remove the headboard if mounted to the bed.
  4. Remove all dresser drawers and all items from the top of the dresser.
  5. Vacuum all the floors and furniture. Remove any couch or sofa cushions and place on the floor. Pull all furniture away from the walls to give the technician access to all areas. Vacuum files, books, CD’s, records, DVD’s, seal in a plastic bags.
  6. Clean/vacuum the bottoms of all shoes, purses, hats, and luggage.
  7. Once all the vacuuming has been completed, clean the vacuum. If there is a bag in the vacuum, throw the old one away and replace with new one.
  8. Remove any items from the cupboards and closets. Place items on the floor so cupboard and closet areas may be treated.
  9. Remove or replace any boxes you may have stored in the home. Should you plan to keep boxed items they must be stored away from the home a minimum of 18 months. By this time any bugs will have died.
  10. Be prepared to leave the premises for a minimum of 4 hours once the spray has occurred.
  11. It is crucial to a successful treatment that the area being treated is prepped and ready. Clutter and messy areas do not react to treatment well. It is always best to have a thoroughly clean area to eliminate the bed bugs.

These instructions need to be followed in order for a successful treatment. If instructions are not followed a re-infestation may occur. This would result in additional cost to you.

Download PDF instructions.

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